Neither the Norwegian parliament Stortinget nor the courts have defined what a disability is, and thus who is protected against discrimination in working life.

The Working Environment Act states that it is prohibited to discriminate against disabled people in working life. If you have a disability, you are therefore basically entitled to be treated the same way as everyone else in working life. However, protection against discrimination only applies to working life at the moment.

The Working Environment Act does not define what a disability is. Stortinget, which passes the laws, has not exhaustively listed all types of reduced abilities that constitute a disability.

If you suffer from a permanently reduced physical or mental disability, chances are high that you have a so-called disability in accordance with the rules in the Work Environment Act. If you are wheelchair-bound, visually impaired, suffer with some form of mental illness or have HIV/AIDS etc., this is seen as a disability by the law.

If you break a leg, the injury is nearly always temporary. This means that the law does not protect you against discrimination, however your employer has a duty to adapt work so that you can work using crutches.

It is difficult to define what constitutes a disability until the courts have decided what the term is meant to cover.